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Island boys creators, Koh Phangan Thailand


Ecological beach and jungle resort with out of the box design on Ko Phangan Thailand

island boys :
WE are simply taking you beyond

Welcome you are going beyond, beyond a simple resort, beyond a simple villa, beyond a simple vacation.

Our service is custom made, we can change your mattress, we adapt your food or drinks to your taste, we have our own exclusive range of excursions over 34 that you only find with us, our private spa/jungle retreat you will need to come back come back again to enjoy them all are of course tailored to you.

The villa is unique example in the world, each is a designer's villa, all the furniture are unique, as well as the mattress or the sheets or the technology used in each villa.

Our service, excursion, or treatments might standard what is not is the quality of the people behind carefully selected, the privacy of the encounter, the uniqueness of the moment, the intensity of the emotion and the vibration which will you with lifetime beautiful memories.

At Islandboys you are not a customer, nor a guest, you are a friend/family member and this how we will take care of you and treat you.

Common sense ? No unique, we are the only example of this kind of resort in the world, come and see why ...


Imagined by Guillaume and Frederic and run by Guillaume the owner it is about whole life's change and a different prospective on the world living a modern life while protecting this planet as the two are surprisingly easily compatible.

They started on a beach without running water or electricity, to learn what it means to be a human again on this planet, reconnected, living with nature, being happier, sharing love and jumping off the fast moving train of a society driven life with golden careers. The idea is first to strip down all the unnecessary and just took back in your own life and what is really needed. But the desire to share a different way of life grew and Islandboys started to build with no more than the revenues of a foreign job …

The result is a unique hospitality concept merging out of this world tailor-made excursions with a luxury eco stay .“Islandboys” combines all advantages of a luxury resort, a bed and breakfast and a vacation rental. It is a different holiday experience that makes you feel free, valued and most of all respected. We believe in “R”espect, compassion and thinking out of the box. “Islandboys” is made by love and we will make sure it is worth it!

For more information about our Guest Villas and Frequently Asked Questions please visit our partner website

island boys : Make this second count
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