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Luxury, ecological, design, beach resort in Koh Phangan Thailand

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Hello Island Girl and Boy !

We are now called

Somewhere Only We Know Resort

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Islandboys grew up ! Same owner, same design, same place but an even better service.

Now called

Somewhere Only We Know Resort  make sure as always to contact us directly to have the lowest price guaranteed mention "Islandboys" to get an additional 5% discount  !

CONTACT US DO NOT BE SHY: by WhatsApp: +66.8888.635.21 or go to our Website to check like our prices and availabilities

For those of you who would like to go even further our resort is since November 2018 the center of the most exclusive resort service there is in the world called SOWK Private Club. 

Simply the most exclusive and private resort in the world ! 

For those of you who are still Island boys and girls at heart you can still contact us here :)

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